ORTON Shower + Bath Sets Care& Maintenance

For a better and lasting preservation of Orton shower& bath mixer, it would be ideal to clean and dry the mixer after every use. This habit will avoid the accumulation of lime and spots from the sediments which will definitely damage the aesthetics of the mixer. Lime is one of the biggest enemies for any tap, prevent the accumulation of lime is fundamental to extend the mixer’s operating life.

External maintenance

For the external cleaning of the Mixer, it is only needed a wet cloth or soft sponge mixed with conventional neutral soap. It is highly important not to clean the taps with abrasive products, as these cleaners contain acids and ammonia which are harmful and may damage the surface of the tap. For the external cleansing is it not only recommended to use a wet cloth or soft sponge together with conventional neutral soap, but also white vinegar or lemon can be use as a remedy, which will not affect the aesthetics of the mixer.

How to get limescale off shower or bath sets?

Spraying lemon juice or vinegar directly onto them won’t work as it will just drip off, not allowing the acid enough time to work on the scale. The place you’ll most often notice build-ups is the spout of the tap, often leaving a thick white layer of scale.


  • Soak a rag or a cloth in vinegar or lemon juice and wrap it around your tap, making sure that all areas are covered.
  • Secure it in place with an elastic band and leave for an hour.
  • Occasionally squeeze the cloth to release more of the acid into the crannies of the tap.
  • Remove the cloth and wipe away the limescale. It should come away easily.
  • If the limescale around the spout still won’t come away completely, cut a lemon in half and screw it onto the spout until it stays in place.
  • Leave for another hour and then rinse and scrub away the remaining scale. Use a scouring pad on tough limescale but only on the underside of the spout as it may scratch the finish on the faucet itself.