Separating wet and dry areas in bathroom

We all know that bathrooms tend to accumulate moisture, mess and mould—separating wet and dry areas can create a usable room that boosts liveability, while removing the possibility of muck and mildew building up.

The dry zone generally contains a vanity and toilet area. These are the most frequently used areas in the bathroom, so it’s important you keep them dry! But how do we maintain them “dry”???


You need perfectly polished Glass walls.

We place all messy water activities to one side of the room thus to use a glass wall to keep the spaces separate. its a bad idea to use partition walls, because you are darken the space and blocking the light from window. A glass wall shall make your bathroom brighter and looks larger, while aesthetically pleasing results. And Here are the types of glass wall you can choose.


#1 Frameless Glass Partitions


#2 Framed ones

stylish isnt it? it also keeps your dry area really “dry”


#3 The Half Glass

A half glass partition creates the perfect walk-in shower, which is basically a waterproofed showering area that has no hinged doors, enabling you to simply ‘walk in’.


Ideally, you don’t want to track water around the dry zone after bathing because the next person/guest who needs to use the toilet or basin….

If you would like more information on this topic, get in touch with one of our professional sales – we’ll be happy to talk through your different options.





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