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Project Description

This Magic Flush high-efficiency toilet from Oilet Collection has a uniform base that extends from front to back, projecting a clean, sleek appearance without any bolt caps. Flushes are quiet yet powerful and achieve exceptional efficiency, resulting in water conservation and lower utility bills.

  • Stylish Flour mounted design is easy to keep clean
  • Includes white closed-front elongated seat with lid and soft-close hinges




Functions Parameter Model Number OTTON023
Model name Floor Standing Toilet Oilet Series Mount Location Floor Standing
Material Made of ceramic with a white finish Toilet Type P Trap
Rough In Size 300mm/400mm Specification  L550*W340*H400mm
Included Complete Kit,Seat Color White




Toilets are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects of both material and workmanship for a period of 5 years. Internal components (such as parts for valve assembly) are warranted for 1 year.



NEver Compromise. Learn how Orton pushes design, cleanliness and flushing performance to the leading edge.

Many consumers favor one-piece toilets because they tend to have sleek, continuous designs, lacking the crevices and joints, which can harbor dirt and bacteria.

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