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March 2023

Rectangular Bathroom Mirror: New Age of Bathroom Mirror Designs

By |2023-03-20T08:26:36+00:00March 20th, 2023|Bathroom|

Bathroom mirrors are necessary for grooming, applying makeup, and assessing one's look, but their importance goes far beyond these simple tasks. A mirror is an excellent addition to your bathroom in addition to its practical uses because it may provide the idea of more space, add light and style, and hide storage space. Add a [...]

Why To Put Wall Bathroom Mirrors?

By |2023-03-20T08:15:30+00:00March 18th, 2023|Bathroom|

The mirror is likely the first thing you notice when you enter a new bathroom. If not, a missing mirror would be immediately apparent. The right mirror may provide the finishing touches to your bathroom and be an affordable method to update worn-out, dated decor. Do you want to enlarge the appearance of your bathroom? [...]

Why Choose Black Bathroom Mirror?

By |2023-03-20T08:06:58+00:00March 15th, 2023|Bathroom|

Black mirrors for bathroom and vanity lighting fixtures are essential in the bathroom for daily tasks, including grooming, hairstyle, and cosmetic application. Bathroom mirrors with practical uses can also be stylish. The lovely bathroom wall mirrors from Shades of Light are beautiful and were carefully selected to provide you with the most reflective area while [...]

The Designing Ace: Orton’s One-Piece Toilet

By |2023-03-20T07:58:56+00:00March 12th, 2023|Toilets|

Baths and toilets that have been appropriately designed give those using them plenty of room. A bathroom or bath with even a minor design flaw could take up more space than it should, which would be problematic for the room's functionality. Because of the small space, protruding objects, and other design problems, the bathroom should [...]

How Claw Foot Bathtub Can Level Up Your Bathroom Designs?

By |2023-03-16T10:00:08+00:00March 9th, 2023|Bathtubs|

Clawfoot bathtubs are freestanding bathtubs with four legs, as the name suggests. The leg or peg in each corner is designed and crafted differently. The origin of the clawfoot tub has yet to be discovered. However, it has been centuries. According to Vintage Tub, clawfoot bathtubs are often made of cast iron or acrylic. Porcelain is commonly used [...]

Benefits of Having a Full-Length Wall Mirror in Your Home

By |2023-03-16T09:51:51+00:00March 6th, 2023|Bathroom|

Mirrors have long been a popular decorative element in homes, and for good reason. They not only add visual interest to a space, but they can also make a room feel larger and brighter by reflecting light. A wall mirror's full length, in particular, is a versatile and practical addition to any home. In this [...]

February 2023

Choose Led Mirror Bathroom To Enhance Your Bathroom Design

By |2023-03-16T09:40:04+00:00February 28th, 2023|Bathroom|

One thing to consider when trying to upgrade your bathroom is LED mirrors. You'll discover in this blog why an LED mirror is the ideal option for any bathroom mirror. An LED mirror illuminates the surface. LED lights can be embedded into the mirror in a variety of ways. Some designs are backlit and have lamps [...]

Why You Need to Have Decorative Mirror in Your Home?

By |2023-03-14T10:48:45+00:00February 25th, 2023|Bathroom|

Decorative wall mirrors can instantly change the whole look of your room. Depending on the mirror you choose, they can be used to define the space and give it a contemporary or boho-chic appeal. Any space can look more elegant with decorative mirrors arranged symmetrically on the drawing-room wall or beautiful circular mirrors with elaborate [...]

Claw Foot Bathtub: Embrace Your Bathroom Decor!

By |2023-03-14T10:42:44+00:00February 20th, 2023|Bathtubs|

Consider purchasing a claw-foot bathtub if you enjoy rooms that have personality. This eye-catching light fits in almost any bathroom size go well with traditional and transitional décor themes and comes in a variety of shapes and colors. Because the flexible shower hose allows you to effortlessly direct water to wash and rinse any portion [...]

How To Choose Perfect Mirror for Your Bathroom

By |2023-03-14T10:36:23+00:00February 17th, 2023|Bathroom|

A bathroom mirror might not seem like it needs much thought, but the kind of mirror you pick for your vanity can significantly affect how your bathroom feels as a whole. When selecting a bathroom mirror, there are many considerations to bear in mind. Additionally, there are lots of possibilities, so once you've narrowed it [...]

Enhance Your Cooking Experience with a Model Kitchen Sink

By |2023-02-21T11:47:20+00:00February 2nd, 2023|Sinks|

Like any good Samaritan, Ortonbaths recognize that kitchen sinks are a crucial component of any kitchen. They feature enticing modern, minimalistic aesthetics and provide excellent performance and enduring endurance. These designs effortlessly blend the kitchen and decor of any home! A kitchen sink is necessary whether you are creating or remodeling your kitchen. But before [...]

January 2023

Buy Rectangular Bathroom Mirror to Enhance Look of Bathroom?

By |2023-02-21T11:40:46+00:00January 30th, 2023|Bathroom|

Bathroom mirrors are essential for grooming, applying makeup, and checking your appearance, but their significance extends far further. Beyond its practical use, a mirror is an excellent addition to your bathroom because it can provide the impression of more space, add light and style, and conceal storage space. In this blog post, we'll examine several [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Cast Iron Bathtub

By |2023-02-21T11:27:51+00:00January 27th, 2023|Bathtubs|

If you've ever gone bathtub shopping, you've noticed the wide variety of tubs offered on the market. The cast iron bathtub is one style that has grown in popularity recently. These exquisite designs have evolved into iconic items that give a spectacular finishing touch to any bathroom worth its salt. One can be found in [...]

Black Bathroom Mirror: Go with The Trend Flow!

By |2023-02-21T11:20:02+00:00January 23rd, 2023|Bathroom|

To conduct daily duties like grooming, hair styling, and applying cosmetics, vanity mirrors and vanity light fixtures are a must in the bathroom. Bathroom mirrors that serve a practical purpose can also be fashionable. Shades of Light's beautiful bathroom wall mirrors are full of style and are carefully chosen to provide you with the most [...]

December 2022

ORTONBATH™ Wall Mounted Mirror, 24"x36" Arch Bathroom Mirror, Gold Vanity Wall Mirror w/ Metal Frame for Bedroom, Entryway, Living Room

By |2022-12-23T10:30:38+00:00December 23rd, 2022|Uncategorized|

This accent mirror features clean lines and a sleek silhouette for a modern addition to any wall of your home — whether it's in your bathroom, over your bedroom vanity, or in your entryway. Rectangular in shape, this mirror has a thin, classic metal frame that wraps around it. This mirror also bounces the [...]

June 2022

Advantages of Rimless Toilets Over Traditional Toilet Designs

By |2022-06-04T08:25:28+00:00June 4th, 2022|Toilets|

Back to all Advantages of Rimless Toilets Over Traditional Toilet DesignsRimless toilet design has fast become the norm in new toilets. With benefits including easier cleaning, added hygiene and overall superior flushing, this game changing toilet feature will make a huge difference in your new bathroom.Read on to discover what rimless design is and the [...]

December 2020

Pros and Cons of different materials of Bathtubs

By |2020-12-18T09:47:06+00:00December 18th, 2020|Uncategorized|

There are many different materials can used for Bathtub Production. Today we are going to talk about four materials.    Stone and wood You can custom order a bathtub from a variety of natural stone materials, including granite, marble, onyx, travertine, basalt, sandstone and other materials. These tubs are extremely heavy, and require special structural [...]

January 2020

Bathroom Vanity Materials- Solid Wood, Plywood or MDF, which one is better?

By |2020-01-13T11:00:06+00:00January 13th, 2020|Uncategorized|

Bathroom Vanity Material MDF: Engineered wood composite similar to particle board, but denser and stronger Compressed using tiny bits of wood, for a long time and at high temperatures The benefits of MDF include price as well as the smooth surface. You won’t find knots or splinters around edges, which means it takes paint extremely [...]

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